Mullaitivu is the main town of Mullaitivu District, situated on the north-eastern coast of Northern Province, Sri Lanka. A largely fishing settlement, the town in the early twentieth century grew as an anchoring harbour of the small sailing vessels transporting goods between Colombo and Jaffna.


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LTTE’s secret submarines

During the war, LTTE commanders commissioned the construction of a number of submarines. Some say these were then going to be used to launch missiles at major coastal cities, such as Colombo. Well, as far as I know, they never got that far. Instead, you can visit the old naval station where they were building their submarines. At the point marked on the map below, you will find one larger submarine (half-built and falling apart), as well as numerous smaller submarines. From the people we spoke to there (other Sri Lankan tourists) we discovered that these were models built, upon which larger submarines could then be designed. They are actually very fascinating, curious little ships and well worth checking out. To get to this yard, you have to drive up another dirt/sand road that looks abandoned and is filled with potholes. Halfway up you’ll find a guard at a gate. He will let you through, you just need to say you're there to see the submarines. LTTE submarine base


Kokkilai Lagoon Sanctuary

The tropical island of Sri Lanka retains innumerable miracles in just words and phrases of organic attractiveness, Just after a drawn-out civil war, the nation is just already jogging in direction of really examine the miracles that are contained within just Sri Lanka’s Northern part. Of latest days, diverse components include been transformed into Nationwide Parks and Sanctuaries, and each time it will come towards the latter, just one of the very best illustrations is the Kokkilai Fowl Sanctuary.